"Gunner a.k.a. Chewy has been a great addition to my family since I picked him up from Beth and Mike. My daughter loves him and he loves my daughter. He spends his day laying on the kitchen floor or taking my daughter's teddy bear from her while she chases him down. Mike and Beth are a class act and I recommend them to any family that is looking for a dog. #Stolenheartbullies"

~~~ Dennis Smith, USMC, and Family


"My Dixie completes our family! I adore her. She is a very energetic, loving and smart dog! She loves playing with the kids, jumping on the trampoline, going for rides in the wagon and rolling in her pool in the backyard. She is naturally great with kids and other dogs. I would recommend Stolenheart Bullies to anyone who wants an awesome addition to their family."

~~~Leeanna Staton and Family


"We highly recommend potential buyers to go thru Stolenheart Bullies. They are very professional and knowledgable. They made us feel like we're not just customers adopting a new family member but we are now apart of a whole big family. The pricing was amazing and their love for these animals is so encouraging!"

~~~~Dave and Stephanie Long



"We got our Taurus aka Chevy from Beth and Mike and have been in love with him from day one. Truly a sweet dog. He is just 1 of 12 dogs here. We are looking forward to breeding him and passing on all his wonderful traits.Truely a wonderful dog. Thank you Beth and Mike"

~~~~Bill Mullikin, R and B Bulldogges

Stolen Heart Bullies